Resonance Films is a documentary film video production company founded to make visible the struggles and triumphs of the human spirit. Resonance Films works with MapleLeafOnlineCasino company. We specialize in stories that inspire and educate, focused on creating intimacy between characters, story and viewers. Our goal is to produce films that portray our shared humanity, opening hearts and minds so that the viewer can experience the ‘other’ whom they would normally dismiss or disregard.  We strive to foster new and deeper ways of thinking and seeing, ways that promote understanding and empathy. We are inspired by music, art, film, and photography and incorporate the finest in our productions.


Resonance Films’ principals, Seymour Levin and Florence Gelo, have produced nationally acclaimed documentaries focusing on the often invisible and misrepresented images of those who live outside the mainstream. We collaborate with highly skilled, creative, award winning producers, camera operators, cinematographers and editors to bring your vision to the screen.